OHS and Quality Policy

The management of ZPA Bratislava a.s. (hereinafter referred to as ´the company´) obliges itself to meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, to process and maintain an efficient Integrated Management System (IMS) of quality and occupational safety and health of the whole company that will be in accordance with the internationally acknowledged standards and continuously improved.
The company develops the professional growth of its employees by their continuous education. The continuous education enhances the level and awareness of the employees in the area of occupational safety and health at work. It creates preconditions for an appropriate working environment, as the biggest success of the company is to achieve efficient economic results without any damage of employees´ health and life. The company expects from its employees full-value, high-quality and professional work which will satisfy customers and the company owners putting in their contribution into company intentions in terms of quality.
The company achieves the objective by an efficient, productive and stable performance in accordance with the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic and by continuous improvement of partial processes having an impact on customer´s satisfaction and product quality. In order to fulfill the Safety and Quality Policy, the company concludes contracts only with the contractors willing to accept the said principles and who agree with inspections at common workplaces. The company management cares about maintaining good partnership relations.
The basic tool enabling the fulfilment of this objective is processing and maintaining an efficient Integrated Management System (IMS) at all levels of the company´s management. The IMS has to function as the instrument of the fulfilment of specified targets and safety and quality policy in all company´s activities.
The company management is responsible for the processing and maintaining of the IMS including preparation of the employees through education to understand the sense of quality and safety, and also to improve quality and safety – as a way of thinking and professional performance of works. The found dangers, threats and hazards that will be constantly evaluated by the management within the review of IMS functionality and efficiency are an impulse for improvement of the activities. If necessary, the management will be responsible for taking the adequate measures.
The company  applies the principle of prevention over the principle of non-conformances detection. The emphasis is laid on prevention, anticipation of errors, accidents and emergency conditions, against the removal of found deficiencies.
The relevant provisions, procedures and liabilities for IMS processes are defined in the Integrated System Manual and the related organizational-technical procedures (regulations). The company has built a positive attitude of the employees towards observation of the regulations and  actively engages them in the creation of safety processes through consultations and their participation in safety issues.
The Safety and Quality Policy is binding for all employees of the company. All managers of the company are obliged to apply the policy in practice and to take efficient measures to process and maintain the IMS. A management representative is authorized to check the observation of principles stated in the Safety and Quality Policy.
The company undertakes to meet the obligations consequent upon the valid legislation in the area of  occupational safety and health at work, which means e.g. to provide all personal protective aids which can prevent damage of health and accidents. The company regularly checks up on the employees  whether they observe the principles of occupational safety and health at work. The company undertakes to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health, monitor and minimize origination of safety and health hazards, hazard of diseases, accidents and undesirable events at workplaces, to analyze and minimize the personal accident rate at workplaces.

The highest priority of the company is to achieve optimum satisfaction of customer.